A New High Mark

Oregon enjoyed another RECORD  finish in the Learfield Directors’ Cup – 2nd year in a row!  Broad based competitive excellence remains a high priority and this amazing result is a direct result of the commitment and work ethic of every person involved in Oregon Athletics.  The direct connection of everyone involved with Oregon to the mission of Oregon Athletics has created a culture of excellence through a team first approach.  Our 10th place finish marks our fourth consecutive Top 15 finish (and 5th in school history) and our seventh Top 25 finish in the past 8 years –  sustained excellence.  We matched the University of Oklahoma for the most national championships in the country this year – special congratulations to women’s indoor track, men’s indoor track and men’s golf.  We are competing in the toughest conference in the country – as evident in the final Director’s Cup standing with the PAC-12  having 4 of the top 10 and 6 in the Top 15 – and enjoying unprecedented success.  As we have discussed in multiple forums, the Director’s Cup scoring system (up to 20 sports are counted) places a program of our size at a disadvantage.  For the ninth consecutive year, we are the highest finisher for a  program of our size or smaller.  Thank you for your contributions to the record finish.  Below is a listing of the 2015-16 Director’s Cup Top 25, a summary of our Director’s Cup points and our scoring history.  Congratulations again on meeting this lofty goal.

2015-16 Annual Report